Centaurify is a ticketing solution based on blockchain with NFTs as tickets. Their main goal is to end fake tickets, prevent scalping, give total control to the organizers/artists over the secondary market, and monetization on every ticket sold on the secondary market.

On top of this, they are launching music niched NFT marketplace and will be acting as a full-service vendor to facilitate and be the gateway into the metaverse and NFT space for musicians.



Innmeldt AS offers independent and neutral advisory services within pension and disability and life insurance in Norway's public and private sectors. The company has a strong desire to renew and develop future pension and insurance advisory services for both companies and individuals, primarily through digital services.

Their ambition is to popularize pensions and insurances and the options in relation to the individual's wishes and needs. They do that through individual membership services adapted to all ages at a low fixed price, with a wide variety of options!



Greencom is run by experts with a great "passion" for gaming. Ever since we were established in September 2019, we have delivered over 10,000 High-End Greencom PCs. We are driven by our ambition to give customers the very best gaming experience, and that is precisely why we do everything we can to make you happy, while at the same time offering some of the most competitive prices on the market.



GET Academy delivers one of the coolest IT-educations in Norway, giving rise to the best talents for programming. After 6 months of intensive training in programming, followed by a one year Internship in a company looking for IT developers, the goal is that the student will be offered a permanent position in that company. There are no formal requirements for admission to GET Academy. Their philosophy is to put focus on effort and willingness to improve, rather than how fast one's professional progression is. They strongly believe that passion, motivation and a growth mindset, combined with a strength-based approach to learning, is what is needed to succeed. That is why the company offers 21st Century Skills as a subject, in addition to IT development. GET Academy has developed a teaching and learning model preparing students both academically and mentally to succeed as professionals.