Pablo Ramos Alonso
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Darkzero has an extensive background in high-level competitive swimming and competitive gaming. Being part of these activities introduced him to many great coaches that helped him build his coaching fundamentals. With the release of Overwatch, he jumped in to hone his coaching skills further, building a strong bank of knowledge that he later used in Valorant to build successful teams.

Favorite Moment

The Moment after the victory over 100Thieves. To Quote: “At the time (2020) 100Thieves was undefeated for a long time in North America and considered the best team of the year, managing to pull off this upset was incredible”

Proudest Moments

• Victory over 100Thieves with Carpe Noctem
• Qualifying for the Spanish Rising Cup Main event finals with Movistar Riders vs Acend (World Champions)
• Developing one of the most successful squads in South America during 2020 with many Top 3 region placements