Mats Sortland
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Mats is fairly stubborn and competitive. He is stubborn to get better and always pushes himself do be the best that he can in any situation, no matter if its sports or gaming. And while he is an avid gamer of all types, his primary interest was always FPS games and Valorant was no different. Having a lot of experience from CS 1.6 and CS:GO he picked it up, started enjoying it and threw himself fully into the game.

Favorite Moment

Winning a 1v5 situation in a tournament. To Quote “Funnily enough it was against SemberN too and now we are teammates”

Proudest Moments

• Winning an AverageJonas Tournament Series
• Placing Top 2 in Every AverageJonas Tournament Series
• Getting top 40 in VLR.GG with GiefKalash