Emil Semb
[twitch-status channel="sembernval"]

SemberN is a calm but social person with a huge passion for FPS games. He started competing early with CS 1.6 and later CS:S, Rainbow Six Siege, and CS:GO which he was super good at. His skills did not go unnoticed as he was offered to join a project team before Valorant even came out. This allowed him to build high-level experience early that he uses to improve himself and his teammates.

Favorite Moment

Building a team from scratch, improving together, pushing each other to get better, and getting good enough to be 1 map away from qualifying to VLR. “Even though it was a tough loss getting so close to a goal in such a short time has to be my favorite moment”

Proudest Moments

• Building 2 strong teams from scratch
• 1 Map away from VLR
• Getting opportunities to compete at the highest level